MUSICIAN(S) OPUS POSTH Ensemble Tatiana Grindenko - Ensemble director and solo violin Elena Polujanschenko - violin Ludmila Egorova - violin Natalia Kosareva - violin Alexander Ivanenko - violin Mikhail Akinfin - violin Natalia Panasjuk - violin Vladimir Meteljov - violin Nikita Kotchergin - cello Vasilli Ratjkin - cello Igor Solochin - double bass VLADIMIR MARTYNOV

Agentur Elbbick, Thomas Kunadt (Artwork design and layouts)

Recorded on Mosfilm studios in June, September and December 2000 and in January 2001.

Tatiana Grindenko, Vladimir Martynov, Ulrich Rutzel, Maria Soboleva

Irina and Alexander Kotschergin

COME IN! (1988) for chamber orchestra, solo violin and celestra
1. I. Movement 3:19
2. II. Movement 4:27
3. III. Movement 5:13
4. IV. Movement 5:14
5. V. Movement6:16
6. VI. Movement3:06
7. Autumn Ball Of The Elves (1994) 18:32
8. L'apres midi du Bach (2000) 12:26
TT 58:33


Catalog Number : CDLA 01030

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A wandering sage of long ago said to his student: 'Try to enter into the inner recess of your heart - There you will see heaven's very sanctuary. Both by the same doorway. Lies within yourself -  it secretly exists within your soul.'  And it is true:  Our whole life is nothing but the attempt To find this wondrouse entrance.  All our acts are nothing but a humble Knocking on this hidden door.  Our every hope is that a time perhaps will come when, In answer to our knock, We will hear a voice that says:  COME IN! Because it is said: 'Knock and it shall be opened to you.'  AUTUMN BALL OF THE ELVES  The score of 'Autumn ball of the elves' Is not so much a text as on intertext, Contaning overt and concealed references To Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi and Bach as seen through the prism Of minimalist structure. It is a nostalgic reminiscence Of the rustling, magic, mischief and dreams Of a summer night. The elves sporting carelessly In Mendelssohns work arrange a farewell ball Before finally flying away and melting into The non-existence of winter. It is a final farewell To the lofty and romantic elements Of West-European culture on the threshold Of the advancing emptiness Of all-embracing cosmic cold.  'Come in!' performed by OPUS POSTH Ensemble and guests. 'Autumn Ball Of Elves' and 'L'apres midi du Bach' performed by OPUS POSTH Ensemble and guests.  Creative Concept of CCn'C by Kristjan Jarvi and Ulrich Rutzel Licensed from CCn'C Records, Enslohe/Germany
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