Igor Gurovich

recorded in Tuva, October-November 1995

Nick Dmitriev, Sainkho Namchylak, Otkun Dostai

1. Ortaa Solchur (My Solchur) 1:30
2. Koshkarlyg 0:44
3. Kandai-ool Boor (What's Going On With You Boy?) 0:53
4. Ovyur Khadyl Chadarla Boor (It's Probably Windy in Ovyur) 0:47
5. Mogeler Dugaiynda Uru (Song About Fighters) 1:01
6. Kyzyl Chyraa 2:03
7. Kozhai Bile Torgalyk (Kozhai River and Torgalyk) 1:26
8. Chastyn Demdee (Sign of Spring) 2:08
9. Choza Khemim (Choza River) 1:49
10. Oskustun Yry (Orphan's Song) 2:15
11. Kozhumaktar (Chastooshka) 0:46
12. Dembildei 2:03
13. Manchyreem (My River Manchyrek) 3:41
14. Igil Play 4:47 а) mongolian tuvans melodies б) tuvan folk melodies в) Uzun khoyug (Epic song)
15. Oskustun Yry (Orphan's song)0:54
16. Toreen Tyvam (My Home Tuva) 2:44
17. Aa Khemchiem (My Khemchik) 2:51
18. Bistin Tyva (Our Tuva) 1:10
19. Kozhumaktar (Chastooshka)1:10
20. Khereezhen (Song About Mother)2:58
21. Uzhkash Keliyn (Fly And Return)1:18
22. Kady Yrlaal (Sing Together)2:24
23. Chechen Bile Belekmaa (Chechen's and Belekmy's Song)2:50
24. Ches Bulung (My Ches-Bulung)1:42
25. Throat Singing Styles 6:36 (Sygyt, Khoomei, Kargyraa, Borbannadyr, Kanzyl, Ezengeleer)
26. Churtum Yrak Kulugur Men (I Was Born Far Away)3:26
27. Khomuzum (My Khomus)1:20
28. Charash Karam (My Beauty)1:34
29. Solun Chaagai Sovet Churtu (Rich Country)0:40


Catalog Number : CDLA 9707

Different styles and techniques (vocal including throat singing and instrumental) of authentic Tuvan folk music recorded in deep of Tuva and produced by Sainkho Namchylak

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IT'S PROBABLY WINDY IN OVYUR...  Wanderlust is natural for the majority of mankind. That's the reason to say that all of us a little bit nomads. There are many possibilities of traveling: visiting other countries, cities, continents in reality...or using one's imagination. This CD is one more invitation to the ancient Tuva. Many Tuvan musicians and singers have huge success performing and releasing their records all over the world. Increasing the glory of Tuvan musical culture and expanding its geographical borders, these remarkable artists make invaluable contribution to the history of development of Tuvan oral musical creative work.  Maybe those listeners who are familiar with Tuvan culture can ask why throat singing, that is cultural synonym to this small Central Asian country presented on this CD so poorly. Here's the explanation. Most part of those who recorded Tuvan national music tried to record as many as possible singers that work in throat singing style khoomei. We had another aim - to show singing creation of the people of Tuva in its wholeness and especially its today's condition. Khoomei (as any unique phenomenon) cannot exist in separate from other styles of national musical creativity an especially from singing.  Singing, being a source and a mirror of nation's spiritual life, is a symbol of national identity. It is very important to keep this identity especially in our hectic time, because of the great number of foreign 'ready-made' production flow over our suddenly becoming 'free' market, spreading it's tentacles to souls and minds of young generation of listeners. With the recording and release of this CD we hope that new generation of listeners in Tuva and other countries will appreciate these beautiful melodies and keep it for the future.  We want to believe that this work is last but not least documentation of Tuva's musical folklore. This compilation is collection of songs performed by Ovyur region singers only, and we hope to collect other Tuvan region's songs and release it as separate compilations. Sainkho Namchylak Otkun Dostai
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